Black Bean Deli Winter Park

Black Bean Deli was in the works since before Integral was fully formed. The plans for the renovation of the building were in place done by others, and demolition of the existing space was starting as we moved into our studio. Once we semi settled down we started working on the project. We were involved in several parts of this. Most of what we did was the woodwork, we were also involved in modifying plans to adapt to the changing components and any additions that came along the way.

Since the construction of their Mills 50 location. Materials have changed. It is getting harder to find the same quality materials. The plywood had to be specially sourced, we were fortunate enough to find the last two units of the highest rated plywood on the east coast of the country. We had it shipped to our studio and treated every sheet as the last one, since we had no room for error. We mention this for the next steps we had to take to complete the project successfully. The bench components in the space were the most important aspect. Since our limited amount of materials did not allow for any mistakes, we had to work extremely carefully not to make any miscalculations. A process which took a considerable amount of time, since we had to make sure we were not forgetting any detail. Part of the mentality of the studio is to reduce as much waste as possible in any given project, but in this case there was no easy fix for anything we missed.

Every component turned out well and we couldn’t be happier about it. It was a very detailed amount of work but the journey was well worth it. We keep going back and appreciating all we learned from this project.

We keep working with the Black Bean Deli family and have done so for many years now. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for them and cheer them on as we see their hard work paying off.

Metal components done by McCarthy Fabrication.

Photography by John Courtney.