At integral, we believe that by providing solutions to everyday tasks, we can make better environments. We believe that we can make a difference by providing great products to enhance people's lives.

We not only strive to make great products, we want them to be useful. It is our goal to make pieces which are everyday tools for the home and workplace.

We believe there are elegant designs to be found if we pay attention to details around us.

We want our products to bring joy to people. It is our goal to have people love our products by how much they use them. Not only because they look and feel good, but because they are functional, they have a purpose.

We want to make people’s living environments feel complete, and our products to be an integral part of their lives

Integral was founded over several years of planning, building a space, and producing quality products. From the beginning the intention was to have a space where we wouldn’t be constricted to one type of work, we wanted the space to reflect the diverse capabilities that we are able to offer.


Our Story


Hello, my name is John.

Integral has been a lifelong dream of mine which has slowly taken shape. I started the company out of a desire to have a space where people could come together and collaborate.

It has taken over five years to get the studio in place and slowly growing and investing in our abilities to do different types of work. Long before the company was established the studio began to take place, finally after about four years of planning we opened up shop and started producing out of the studio.

I was born and raised in Mexico, where I had the chance to learn from a master carpenter on the basics of woodworking. Woodworking wasn’t my first love though, since I was a kid I had always been building things and taking others apart to see how they worked. I have always been fascinated with how things work. There are many lessons to be learned from someone else’s work. Very often I find myself admiring solutions that someone came up with for a problem. Sometimes small, sometimes so complicated that I can’t understand, but I have admired them nonetheless. Building things has always been my passion, I also have been very fortunate to have worked in a couple places where I could get a good look at different areas of product development, as well as production.

I hope what we do creates a better place for those we have come in contact with.

Thank you for stopping by.


John Courtney