E2 Homes Residential Project

This project consisted of several different elements, divided into areas of the house where the family could come together and enjoy their home. The main focus of the project was the breakfast nook, a thirteen foot, solid oak bench along with a custom made table. As with any custom project making the parts fit to the as-built space is always the most challenging part of the job. 

The table was our main design feature for this house. It has a solid steel base that holds the entire structure of the table together. The intention was to incorporate the architectural elements of the house and pay homage to them. The design was reviewed several times until this final one was approved. The outcome was very pleasing and to see how the final product looked made all efforts worthwhile.

Working closely with the family of the home, it was easier to know what they truly wanted their home to feel like, and what their desire was for each area of the house.

For the porch, the owners  wanted to have a swing which would provide an element for them to spend time and enjoy their evenings, to bring people together with an interesting feature. The design was inspired from the architecture and industrial rigging elements. 

When the house was under construction, there was a void in between the fireplace and the wall, the Owner of the home decided to do something interesting with that opportunity.
At first sight there is just an ornamental piece holding lumber on the wall, but behind this rack, there is a bar hiding behind it. All that is needed is to pull from the rack handles and the custom built bar will come out of the wall and serve as another feature to enjoy in the living room. The design and construction of this piece was very interesting. It was very rewarding to see it go in place and see just how well it looked as part of the home.
Photography by John Courtney.