Golden Hour Wine

For Golden Hour Wine, we were invited by GDPdesignbuild to help with the construction of the shelving and main table in the space. We worked closely with the team at GDP on the development of the shelving and the details for the table to make sure our pieces complemented each other, as well as the space.

Both GDP and the client had a very specific look they wanted for the store, so we were tasked in making things fit as seamlessly as possible. As with other projects we handpicked every piece of oak that went into the shelving to ensure consistency.

We felt very honored to be working with GDP since they are always making great spaces.

There was so much thought and energy put into this relatively small space, you can really feel it when you walk in.

The Steel components were done by Mojo Metalworks.

Photo credits: select photos by Anna LaBeau. Progress photos by John Courtney.