Lineage East End Market

Lineage Coffee re-built their flagship store in East End Market. The Lineage family is always working to become better. They put massive efforts to provide the best product they can get their hands on, and share it with the community. They also have kept reinventing their space, from an outsider perspective it falls in line with how much they grow and try new things to become better.

Since before the founding of Integral, they have been a key influence that has allowed us to do some of the most interesting work. They are always open to new ideas, their form of collaboration allows for the creation of solutions that are always more fun than the original plans. Almost all projects begin with a simple requirement and end up being very appealing solutions for their needs.

During this project we focused on providing shelving that would be supported by a minimal vertical steel structure. The idea was for it to be somewhat floating but also had elements that would provide some vertical lines. Part of the idea came from a recent piece of furniture that was made to help out with hiding their waste bin.

The most interesting part of the project was merging both materials and making the structure look strong yet not imposing or visually distracting. We did not want large vertical columns or the shelves to feel too heavy.

Photo credit: select photos by Michael Caibio and Anna LaBeau. All others by John Courtney.