Lineage UCF

Lineage Coffee Roasters invited us to take part in their new adventure to build some pieces for their new location near UCF here in Orlando.

For this project we were in charge of building a bench that was over forty feet long, individual tables, a baker's table in the kitchen, a water dispensing cabinet and the best feature of all, a moving display case for bread. We sidelined this project with other furniture builders, we were not responsible for all components of this project.

The main feature of the bench was the corner where it ends at the wall, this was a detail that CardArch came up with. It was the most challenging piece in the entire space, it is composed of multiple compound angles meeting at curve sections and had to be mostly CnC machined so that the curves would match the correct radius and pitch. This was one of the reasons this particular bench was right in our scope of work.

Some of the components that we were involved in designing was the shape of the tables for this space, as well as the custom sliding bread display.

We have always enjoyed working with the lineage family thanks to their approach towards projects. We greatly appreciate the opportunity we had to work on this project with them.

The metal components of the bench were done by McGuckin's Custom Metal Creations Inc.

Photo credit: select photos by Michael Caibio. All others by John Courtney.