New General Shelving

New General is a coffee shop located in the heart of downtown Winter Park, we have done other projects for them, but this time we did something different.

This was a bit of a challenge since we had to suspend a shelving unit over the existing counter, while fastening it to the building to make it safe.

This was a first on several counts for us, the first time that we used rattan and also the first time we had made a fully suspended piece of furniture.

The shelving was very carefully thought about. We went through a series of designs, exploring different options and found this last design. We had tight requirements that needed to be met, as well as safety standards.

We made custom hardware to hang the piece on the ceiling which had an entire support structure installed behind it. Once that was up we were able to fasten the piece onto the custom bolts we made and the shelving was attached. These worked perfectly and we found that were a great source of inspiration for new pieces we want to work on in the future.

Some of that process is shown in these images.

Everything worked out in the end and we were very satisfied with how the piece turned out.

Photography by John Courtney.