Sunroom is a unique bar in the Mills 50 area of Orlando. The concept of the bar was to be more relaxed than the higher paced environment that the Guesthouse has. The concept was for Sunroom to be the bar you go to have a drink after a day at the beach. With elaborate cocktails and a vibrant atmosphere, Sunroom has become an icon in town.
For this project we were involved in building the back bar pieces, they consisted of a combination of  wooden arches and bar tops that spanned the entire back wall of the space. The process to make these was perhaps the most challenging aspect since the arches are solid wood and they all had to match the profiles of the vertical components perfectly.

Other elements of the bar that we were involved in included tables, accent pieces, store cabinetry, and functional elements we were lucky to be a part of making.

Photo credit: select photos by Michael Caibio. All others by John Courtney.