Wine Cellar

One of the few residential projects that we have been involved in was a wine cellar for a private client. We worked with E2 Homes based here in Orlando.

This was one of the most detailed projects we have done to date. We typically don't do residential but we found the challenge of this one to be appealing.

The design phase for this project took just under a year and the production of all parts took several months to complete.

We worked closely with the designer, architect and homeowners to make this space as special as possible. Every little detail was considered, and everything that went into this project was carefully selected.

In the end, we were very impressed with how everything came together and how well it all looked in place. We were glad to see our client happy and ready to enjoy that space for a long time to come.

We like to think of this as a room size piece of furniture.


Photography by John Courtney.