Winter Park Biscuit Co.

WP Biscuit Co. landed a space at East End Market in Orlando and decided to make something clean and welcoming. For this project we helped with the development of the bar and designed our pieces so they would blend with the pre built structures.The main feature of this space is the curved counter which is made out of one continuous piece on the outside. We did not want any seams on the curves so we built a skeleton that was cut out on a CnC and provided both the structure and shape of the counter. It was more or less like one of those flat packed dinosaurs that you used to put together as a kid. Needless to say, it was a fun piece.

We also helped build the back wall cabinets for this project so that they would match the counter. The WP Biscuit Co. team had put quite a bit of effort in planning this space, choosing materials and how they wanted things to work. We felt very lucky to be a part of this project. 

They are a very different company, working to do good for the community through their food. Which is amazing. 

Photo credits: select photos by Anna LaBeau. All others by John Courtney.