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At integral, we believe that by providing solutions to everyday tasks, we can make better environments. We believe that we can make a difference by providing great products that make people's lives better.

We not only strive to make great products, we want them to be useful. It is our goal to make pieces that are everyday tools for the home and workplace.

Our design process is focused on solving problems or providing solutions to normal day to day situations that can be improved. Whether it is to be more organized or to optimize a space so we spend less time doing menial tasks and can free up time for other things.

We believe that there are elegant solutions that can be found if we pay attention to the details around us.

We want our products to bring joy to people and to make them feel better and more productive. It is our goal to have people love our products by how much they use them. Not only because they look and feel good, but because they are functional, they have a purpose.

We want to make people’s living environments feel complete, and our products to be an integral part of their lives

If we stand out, we want it to be for being true to our quality,  durability and adaptability of products. We strive to make things that last, and understand it takes time to do so.