Sampaguita is a Filipino ice cream shop that serves some unique flavors. GDPdesignbuild did the design and build of the space and invited us to be a part of this project. 

Architectural feature above counter at modern ice cream shop

The scope of our work for this project was to work alongside Mojo Metalworks to build an architectural feature that would go over the counter. The team at Mojo made the metal framing and we did the wooden components.

We made the frames out of white oak and installed the rattan in between two frames. This way we had a seamless build once all parts had come together. The frames were composed of four unique parts each, which had to all line up for it to come together.

Some components were made on the CnC machine to blend into the ones we made by hand. All the curved frames were also made on the CnC.


We made some templates on the CnC for all teams to have the final arrangement of the piece even though no one had started production. In this way we were able to all communicate and make sure everything was in the right place. We had no room for error since there was no way to modify the metal structure or the wooden components once everything was ready for installation.

Mounting the structure was a challenge since all the parts had to line up and we would not know if it lined up until we tried it. The frame was made in one piece so it would be seamless, but that meant we had to lift the entire unit onto the supports. It worked out just fine in the end, the templates had served their purpose.

Once the frame was up, we could add the wood panels to hide the hardware. We had previously used this method in the build for New General which you can read about here.


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